Famous Soccer Players

I’m going to tell you about Cristiano Ronaldo and Alex Morgan. Did you know that Ronaldo’s real name is Santos Aveiro? However, he goes by Ronaldo. Also, Ronaldo weighs an average of 176 lbs. [80kg] Ronaldo’s height is 6’1”(1.85m). Ronaldo likes to eat grapes. Another fascinating fact about Ronaldo is he plays for real Madrid!... Continue Reading →



By: Nick Lamanna Fourth Grade The Comets were the 2014-15 division champions. In the off season, Cal O’ Reilly was traded to the Rochester  Amerks. During the 2014-15 season, the Comets won the Robert W. Clark trophy, as the Comets made the Calder Cup. They played the Manchester Monarchs. They were close for the first... Continue Reading →

Alex Collis Fourth Grade Newspaper Club The Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade Students were surveyed to determine the most popular gifts of the 2015 Holiday season at H.E.S.  The results are in: 18 kids said legos were on their list 19 asked for barbie dolls 27 are hoping for video games 52 kids are crossing... Continue Reading →

Christmas Recipe

Do you want a good Christmas recipe that’s easy to make? It is called corn flake wreath. It is very delicious. Here is how to make it. First, in a large sauce pan melt butter over low heat. Use 1/3 cup of butter. Second, add ten ounce bag of mini- marshmallows. Third, add a teaspoon... Continue Reading →


There is now a collaboration with the Elementary Newspaper and the High School Newspaper.  All articles will be published here from both Student Newspapers.

Santa and the Dog

By: Kyle Carney Grade 4 Once upon a time, there was a dog named Bob. His family loved him, except for the step dad, Jake. One day while the family was asleep, Jake took Bob and threw him on the street. The family woke up to check what had happened, but when they had got... Continue Reading →

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