Santa and the Dog

By: Kyle Carney

Grade 4

Once upon a time, there was a dog named Bob. His family loved him, except for the step dad, Jake. One day while the family was asleep, Jake took Bob and threw him on the street. The family woke up to check what had happened, but when they had got downstairs, Jake was sound asleep.  Bob was sad that his family threw him on the street, so Bob decided to be brave and find a new family. The next day, Bob was on the street when a strange man walked up to Bob.  The man said, “Hello, I am Santa! What’s your name?”  “Bob,” he replied.  “Well that’s a great name,’’ Santa said.  “I’ m looking for a home, will you take me in?” asked Bob.  “Yes, I will take you”, replied Santa. Santa took Bob to his house. Santa’s house was huge and had a lot of toys. Santa told Bob why he had all of these toys. Santa told about his elves that make the toys and then bring them to kids.  The kids write a list of things they want, the elves make the toys, and then Santa delivers them.  Bob was confused.  He had no idea how Santa got to all the places.  Santa showed him.  Santa told him about the 11 flying reindeer that pull the sleigh.  Santa said he needs one more reindeer, so he asked Bob if he wanted to try.  Bob said, “Yes!”  Santa told Bob that he will have to learn how to fly.  Bob said, “I think I can do it!” And then Bob did!  He was ready to fly with Santa and his reindeer.  A few hours later, they were at their last stop. Bob was so grateful and thanked Santa. Santa said, “Bob, you are going to be this family’s present. “   Bob recognized the house and knew the family. He disliked Jake the Step dad.  Santa said, “Bye!”  Then he ran to the doorbell and left. The family opened the door.  They were so happy to their dog, Bob, back. Even Jake admitted he missed him. The family loved him and kept him forever. It was a very Merry Christmas after all!  The End


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