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Posted in Middle/High School

Spirit Week

By: James Piper

Today some of you may have seen some people in their pajamas, or for the more psychedelic, tie-dye. That’s because it’s the beginning of spirit week — the days where you can show your spirit and school pride. As said before the first day was pajama and tie-dye day, so break-out the blankets and your old man’s Grateful Dead records.

Tomorrow on the agenda is twin day, so get your best buddy and dress in the same potentially ridiculous outfit and try to make people figure out which one of you is which. On Wednesday we have superhero day and patriotic day, so break out the capes and Uncle Sam hats and get ready to fight the forces of evil while eating some fast food. On Thursday we have Disney day, the time where you can dress like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Finally, on Friday we have school spirit day, where you can show your support for the school and all of its sports teams, as well as a pep-rally at the end of the day.

To round out the week we will have the winter weekend dance — it’s the time to dance with that special someone. So show your spirit and enjoy all of the special activities that are planned for this week!