I went to HES Pre-K from 8:30 to 9:15 and learned some things about the class.  The students were learning about Earth Day. They learned words about Earth Day like litter, recycle, and oxygen. Before that, they did the months, the days, and the date. Next,  they did centers and the centers were; train center, making play-doh center, puzzle center, cup stacking and building center, games center, sandwich center, writing center, story-listening center, and reporter center.

I asked the teacher, Mrs. Schoff, what she enjoys doing with her class.  She said, “I love doing things with my class and working with kids.” She is also excited when kids love to learn. Her center purpose is to get kids to work together well. Pre-K was awesome! This is Kyle reporting out from Pre-K.

               Kyle Carney

               Fourth Grade


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