Spring Carnival

I am going to tell you about some games at the HES Carnival.

                               They are listed below:


              HOCKEY – 1 TICKET

              THROW A BALL – 2 TICKETS

              DARTS – 1 TICKET

              SOFTBALL THROW – 1 TICKET

              GOLF – 2 TICKETS

              LOllIPOP TREE – 1 TICKET

              RING TOSS – 2 TICKETS

              RING TOSS V 2 – 1 TICKET

              RING TOSS V 3 – 1 TICKET


I’m going to tell you about what I did at the carnival. My favorite games were test your strength and softball toss. My favorite prize was a mustache that acted as a whistle. The most loved games were: test your strength with 287 tickets, lollipop tree with 127 tickets and golf ….with drum roll please…. 378 tickets! Tricked you there, didn’t I??? Hehehehehehe! The Carnival was a blast! Can’t wait until next year…

By: Jayden Crandall


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