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Second Place in the 2016 Creative Writing Contest


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Zootopia is a movie about animals  that act like humans. They have cell phones like us and have jobs, too. In the movie, there is a rabbit named Judy Hops who wants to be a cop.  When she gets older she trains to be a cop. Then she goes to ZoScreen Shot 2016-05-19 at 2.17.47 PMotopia and she meets a fox named Nick Wild. Before she meets Nick, her boss takes her for granted and she ends up doing the worst jobs. Then she meets Nick at a candy store and helps him out. She goes back to the force and complains.  Her boss gives her 48 hours to solve a missing case. She asks Nick for help and they go on an amazing adventure. The end of the movie is a surprise!  It reminded me of the movie Frozen. I recommend this movie, you will like it.    

By: Althea Brown

Grade 4                         


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Trevor Story

Trevor Story is a professional baseball shortstop for the Colorado Rockies of Major League Baseball. He made his MLB debut on April 4, 2016. He was born November 15, 1992.  His salary is $507,500 .  Trevor was born in Irving ,Texas. Trevor is in the top 3 in home runs in the MLB.  Trevor played for the Dallas Patriots in high school and his college was Louisiana State.  He won the rookie of the month for the MLB. Trevor was the #1 prospect of the Colorado Rockies coming into the 2016 MLB season.  Watch him play! He is good!

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 2.15.37 PMBy Kyle Carney & Nick Lamanna

4th Grade