Summer Jobs

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It’s that time of year again, when teenagers are looking for jobs for the summer months. There are many ways to apply for all sorts of jobs, but many kids choose to go through the Herkimer County Youth Bureau. You can contact the Youth Bureau by phone: 315-867-1499 or by walking into the County office building and going to pick up the forms. You can also contact your legislator in order to reach the forms. When you do pick up the forms you have until about 2 weeks prior to summer to fill out the forms and return them. Within the forms it will ask what you’re good at/capable of along with other questions and personal information, and then with that they will find a job suitable for you. Some local job possibilities include working at the county DA’s office, the summer park program, the village office, and grounds keeping at local fields. Some not-so-local jobs that are available are in Old Forge and they include Byrne Dairy, Dan’s Big M,  Adirondack Pizzeria and Arcade, and Enchanted Forest- Water Safari, all of which include transportation to and from the jobs. If you are not eighteen years of age you will need to get working papers, which you will take home, fill out, then return to your school. Your school will in turn give you a working card which you bring to the bureau. There are many job opportunities for high schoolers, so get out, get ambitious, and make some money.



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