Zootopia is a movie about animals  that act like humans. They have cell phones like us and have jobs, too. In the movie, there is a rabbit named Judy Hops who wants to be a cop.  When she gets older she trains to be a cop. Then she goes to ZoScreen Shot 2016-05-19 at 2.17.47 PMotopia and she meets a fox named Nick Wild. Before she meets Nick, her boss takes her for granted and she ends up doing the worst jobs. Then she meets Nick at a candy store and helps him out. She goes back to the force and complains.  Her boss gives her 48 hours to solve a missing case. She asks Nick for help and they go on an amazing adventure. The end of the movie is a surprise!  It reminded me of the movie Frozen. I recommend this movie, you will like it.    

By: Althea Brown

Grade 4                         



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