My friends and I were playing at Game Stop. My friend was playing a dragon game and I heard a loud sound. I asked Brian if he made the noise. He said, “No”. I looked outside and it was a real DRAGON! I ran, I tripped, and fell! Brian helped me up and Brian got hit. He had a scratch on his arm.  I tried to stop it!  I brought  him back and he passed  out. When I walked out, I heard someone say, “Behind you!!”  So I looked behind me and I saw Brian. When I got to him, he saw the dragon. Brain and I came out strong and we attacked him.  I went for his head and Brian went for his heart. We finished him. All the parents and kids came out and saw that the dragon was dead. All of us had to carry the dragon to the fire and we had no more fear of  getting hurt. No one  got hurt by the dragon again.

The End

By James Tutty/ 4th grade



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