The varsity recap covers Herkimer High School sports. In this edition catch up with the last five games played by our Magician teams!

Boys Basketball:

(W) vs. Dolgeville 70-40

(L) vs. Cooperstown 52-86

(W) vs. Canastota 72-58

(L) vs. Little Falls 49-66

(W) vs. West Canada 57-55


Girls Basketball:

(L) vs. Frankfort 30-46

(W) vs. West Canada 35-32

(L) vs. Little Falls 13-47

(W) vs. Oriskany 39-42

(L) vs. Poland 31-53



(L) vs. Little Falls 0-3

(L) vs. Mount Markham 0-3

(L) vs. Little Falls 1-3

(W) vs. Clinton 3-0

(L) vs. Canastota 0-3


Boys Bowling:

(L x3) vs. Holland Patent (0-5,1-4,0-5)

(L) vs. Saquoit 0-5

(L) vs. Canastota 0-5


Girls Bowling:

(L) vs. West Canada 0-5

(L) vs. Canastota 0-5

(W) vs. Saquoit 5-0

(L x2) vs. Holland Patent (1-4,1-4)
by: Joe Carney


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