Ms. Richter

Ms. Richter is our new English 8 teacher here at Herkimer High School. On February 8th, I had a chance to interview her!

Carney: First off, welcome to Herkimer High school! Is this your first teaching job?
screen-shot-2017-02-08-at-10-49-07-amRichter: Thank you! Well, technically yes, but I have subbed at 3 different districts.
Carney: What schools were they?
Richter:  Vestal, Union Endicott, and Lansing. They aren’t from around here but they are all in New York.
Carney: What differs from Herkimer and other schools so far?
Richter: It’s not that different honestly, a lot of kids move in and out of the building throughout the day and that’s something different.
Carney: Is this your first time teaching 8th grade?
Richter: No, I student taught with 8th graders and 9th graders, although 8th and 9th graders aren’t that much different from each other.
Carney: What inspired you to teach?
Richter: I like books, I like to read, and I love that I get to do that all day long. I always enjoyed English class throughout my years of school.
Carney: Did you always want to teach or were you passionate about another career path?
Richter: I always liked English and when I got to college, it was the only thing that stuck with me. It just made sense to me.
Carney: Where did you earn your degree?
Richter: Suny Oneonta, here in New York.
Carney: What’s your favorite thing about teaching?
Richter: Every day is different. You never know what is going to happen. Any student could surprise you at any time.
Carney: Was college the first time you thought about teaching?
Richter: Yes honestly. The first time was when I was a sophomore year in college. I didn’t take any of the classes until then and I liked it, so I stuck with it.
Carney: Lastly, what’s your opinion on the subject of English?
Richter: Well, obviously I like it! I wish everyone could spend more days reading. Just SSR day after day.
Welcome to Herkimer High School Ms. Richter!



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