Mr. Sheldon

Welcome, Mr. Sheldon!

One of our many new teachers this year is Mr. Sheldon. Mr. Sheldon is the ninth grade Social Studies teacher. He has been a teacher for fifteen years. Before working here at Herkimer Hiscreen-shot-2017-02-11-at-3-39-31-pmgh School he was a teacher at Notre Dame. He has always had a clear interest in history, since he was a child. Mr. Sheldon is not your typical ninth grade teacher.  Before ever becoming a teacher, Mr. Sheldon was in the military. He was a tank officer. A tank officer is the guy in the top of the tank that commands a group of tanks. He started with commanding four tanks and ended with commanding sixteen tanks. He was a tank officer for sixteen years. He was in Iraq for one year. At the end of the day Mr. Sheldon has a wonderful family to go home to; a wife of fourteen years and two sons. He has a five year old named Brendan and a seven year old named Michael. On his free time Mr. Sheldon likes to exercise, read and watch Nascar. Mr. Sheldon says his time here at Herkimer has been very pleasing. The teachers and students are all very kind. When asked how he would describe his time at Herkimer so far he said, “I am very pleased and it is going great so far.”

By Emily Jackson


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