Mr. Miller’s Budget Interview

On Thursday March 2, the Herkimer High School Journalism class interviewed the Superintendent, Mr. Miller. We planned the interview to discuss the school budget and the future of the school district.

One of the first topics we discussed was if we will be adding more classes or any sports. According to Mr. Miller, the budget has no influence on bringing back classes or sports. It is the motivation from the students and the willingness of the teachers to teach the classes. He also stated there will be no teacher cuts.

Over the past couple of years New York State has failed to give school districts equal school aid. The smaller schools such as, Herkimer, Owen D. Young, and Frankfort did not receive as much school aid as larger schools in downstate New York.We asked Mr. Miller about the two million dollars the State owes the Herkimer School District. “There have been two court cases that have tried to get school aid for all schools that are owed it,” stated by Mr. Miller. The two court cases were in favor of the school districts, but still have yet to receive the money. In 2012, Herkimer was in a possible merge with Mohawk, Frankfort, and Ilion. This merger was rejected by the Herkimer and Frankfort communities and resulted in the formation of Central Valley Academy. Due to this we were wondering the possibility of merging with another school in the future. Mr. Miller stated that it is very unlikely that Herkimer will be merging with any other school district due to the major backlash from the community.

Technology plays a huge role in education today. This is something Herkimer seems to lack when compared to other schools. Knowing this, we discussed the possibilities of updating the technology of the Herkimer School District. The Superintendent’s response to this was, “We plan on moving towards a one to one computer environment over the next two to three years. Next year we will probably have three grade levels where each student will have their own individual computer. We want to bring it to grades five through twelve.” The only problem he sees with this is that some students may not have the necessary needs to connect to the internet at home and this will make the computers somewhat useless for those students to complete school work.

From this interview we have learned a lot about Mr. Miller’s plan with the school budget to benefit the school. The information we gathered from this interview varied from  updating the school’s technology to adding classes and bringing back sports.  

By. Eric Carney, Tyler Hailston, James Huyck, Emily Jackson, and Nicole Jordan



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