I saw an Alien

Today I saw an alien and it wanted to see President Trump! The alien said take me to your leader!  I pointed to the White House and  he got back in his UFO and went over to the Oval Office. I saw a light and poof !President Trump was gone. Then a swat team rushed out of the building and asked where did the alien go??? I pointed in the direction of Nevada. The aliens said they needed the President to do experiments on. Then the swat team got in a helicopter and went to Nevada. Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 7.31.17 PM.pngThey announced on the news that aliens had abducted President Trump!! The swat teams from the nation went to area 51 and got the President back.  They said that the aliens were trying to clone President Trump. I wonder if they did???

By Joshua Di Pierro

Fourth grade


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