Mrs. Wandell

By: Emily JacksonScreen Shot 2017-04-11 at 7.54.16 PM

Mrs.Wandell is the High School’s secretary. She has worked here for 43 years and many things have changed over the years. When she first started she had to work on a typewriter and there were only grades 12-10 in the High School building. Over the years they have added grades 9-7. Not only has the school changed but so have the kids and teachers. When Mrs. Wandell first started working here the men had to wear suit jackets and ties, and women could not wear slacks. The women had to wear a dress or skirt. Over the years the classes have changed as well every grade started with 8 periods, and at the end of the day some students had to take a religion class others took a study hall. When asked how children don’t drive her crazy she said she loves kids and you have to take them one at  a time. Some of Mrs. Wandell’s favorite things here at Herkimer High is the children. She said she thinks that it’s being around children she said “They keep you young.” One of Mrs. Wandell’s fondest and what she says to be the funniest memory is when a student was sent to the office from Home Ec covered head to toe in flour. When Mrs. Wandell retires she would like to travel. She said she’d like to go to California, Arizona and to return back to Italy. Mrs. Wandell said she will miss all of the people she sees on a daily basis at work, the students, teachers and the connections that were made throughout her career.


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