PARP Book Suggestions from some of the 4th Grade Newspaper club

By Brian Flint /4th grade

Brian- “I think you should read The Boxcar Children if have not already read it.”

Josh- “I think you should read Super Fudge it is a very good book.”

Olivia- “Wonder is a very interesting book you should read.”

Katie- “I think you should read some of the other Adirondack Kids books.”

Ethan- “I think you should read Percy Jackson as a suggestion.”

Santino- “I think the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is a good thing to read”

Alex- “I think The Last Kids On Earth is a good series.”

Zachary- “I think books about Minecraft are fun to read.”

Ayla- “Isle of the Lost is a good book to read

Nathan- “I think Nate the Great is a good book.”

Anjali- “I also like the Adirondack Kids book series.”

Madelene- “The book called Smile is my favorite.”

La-Cyanna Lamour- “I think you should try to find a book you have not read!”

Jillian- “You should find a series  you like and try to catch up on it”
Sydney- “The Littles is a good book to read.”


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