Art Grant

By: Emily Johnson

IMG_6408On May 17, Mrs. McCutcheon’s Art and Sculpture classes attended a special field trip to the Little Falls Canal. In order for Herkimer students to go on this trip, Mrs. McCutcheon wrote a grant proposal and eventually got approved for nearly $3,000 in grant money and the total grant adding up to over $10,000. She came up with the idea of urban sketching, she thought that it was an awesome idea to bring students to paint with watercolor and sketch in their sketchbooks that were handed to them.

The special art guest, Mrs. Shuster, provided sketchbooks to the students, watercolor palettes, and pencils and pens. First, the art students found a nice spot to sit, where they could sketch out the scenery in their sketchbooks at Ole Sal’s.  Mrs. Mccutcheon and her sculpture students worked together with the West Canada art class in a Google Classroom. To do this trip Mrs. McCutcheon needed to talk to and get help from the two art teachers, Mrs. Shuster, Mrs. Wilmarth, and the Mohawk Valley Art Center. They worked together to get an idea, a summary, and a step by step plan with a budget. They had to put down every person’s time that would go into this project. Mrs. Shuster went around and talked and looked at everyone’s art. She was very happy and excited to be here.

One of the many places the group went to was Benton’s Landing. The view from where we were was amazing. Nathaniel Benton came to Little Falls as a War of 1812 veteran and opened a law office here in 1819.

The Journalism students that went on this trip interviewed some of the Art students.

Maria Humble said, “Yes it’s very different than the classroom. You can get more detail when you draw in person. You see everything better and more clearly.” Maria liked the idea of this trip; it was something different and she  got out of school. She was also excited about having to make the drawing into sculptures. She thinks making the sculptures are the easy part.

Maria’s sister, Johanna, said, “Being outside talking real life things and drawing them is a lot better compared to in the classroom.”  Maria finds it easier when going off of a picture then in person, she loved the idea of the trip she liked sitting out in the sun and sketch what she wants. She thinks it’s cool seeing how something goes from a 2D object to 3D.

We also asked James Huyck some of the same questions and he said, “I enjoy it very much, I believe it’s necessary for people to enjoy art in their everyday life.” We asked him what made him decide what to draw. “We were given the opportunity to draw art history at this site in Little Falls. The tree could be here forever but the building won’t be.” We asked him what he usually likes to sketch and which was better drawing or sculpting.  “Mirror Lake is where I usually sketch for scenery. Drawing seems to be easier, but sculpting seemed to help learn/teach easier.”


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