VSCO girls By: Bella S, Amina Z., and Athena M. Have you heard of the world’s best style on social media called VSCO girls?They have a water bottle called hydro flask and they wear an oversized t-shirt. We have metal straws and we have Carmex. Vsco girls wear puka shell necklaces and its a trend on Tik Tok! They also wear Crocs, Birkenstocks, and Vans. They also say, “And I oop! Sksksksks’’ We love VSco girls.we are vsco girls. I would call all of us VSCO because we have Vans. Hydro flasks and we say, “Ana oop.” We all have scrunches. sksksksk! Become a vsco girl today by following these simple and easy steps! And “I oop, Bye”. – your fellow VSCO’s Amina, Athena, and Bella oop bye! Sksksksksksk!

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