In the End. By Cedês Doherty

An excruciating pain racks her body exploding outward from her heart. Its sears her with a white hot fury. It is as if her memory was erased. She knows only the pain. She writhes clutching her chest trying to reach in and pull it out. She feels as though she’s dying as her body curls... Continue Reading →


Don’t Miss Out

By: Tyler Hailston Concert season is upon us and time is running out! There are different genres of music on display in Upstate New York all summer. Good vibes and positive energy is a huge part of the atmosphere at these summer concerts. It’s something most people should experience at some point in their life.... Continue Reading →

13 Reasons Why

By: Emily Jackson It seems like every year there is a new TV show that blows up on the internet. In the beginning of April the Netflix original TV series 13 Reasons Why was that show; everyone was watching it. It was released on Netflix on March 31st. You may not know this about the... Continue Reading →

Blood Drive

On May 24th 2017, Herkimer High School hosted a blood drive with the American Red Cross. Krissy VanHorn of the ARC was interviewed to get some more details about the program and her time involved. Carney : How long have you been involved in American Red Cross? VanHorn: I’ve been with ARC for 24 years.... Continue Reading →


By Emily Jackson The Journalism class asked the senior class what their favorite memory of high school was, and what their future plans are.  The following are the results: Name: Cassie Pontius What is your favorite High School memory: Sub-30-ing for the first time senior year on the home cross country course with a 29:59:99.... Continue Reading →

Art Grant

By: Emily Johnson On May 17, Mrs. McCutcheon’s Art and Sculpture classes attended a special field trip to the Little Falls Canal. In order for Herkimer students to go on this trip, Mrs. McCutcheon wrote a grant proposal and eventually got approved for nearly $3,000 in grant money and the total grant adding up to... Continue Reading →

The Blocks vs. Period Debate

Written by: Tyler Hailston, Nicole Jordan, James Huyck, Emily Jackson, Eric Carney Currently, the Herkimer Jr. High operates on a period schedule and the Sr. High School operates on a block schedule. It has been decided that, beginning next school year, we will switch to a school-wide period schedule. This change will affect a high... Continue Reading →

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