Friend Avrey She makes me smile when I am sad She makes me laugh when I am mad Now you can see That she is my bestie And that she makes me happy Now life is not fair But I am glad that she can be there by:Juliet Baggetta


Littering By: Anna Marquisse Why is it so hard to pick up trash! Some people litter because they don’t care about the effects on the environment. There are also many problems about littering. Communities have people littering near schools and local businesses. Littering can destroy crops and natural areas. Littering is near a lot of... Continue Reading →

Magical fun byAnna Marquissee grade 4 I love winter. It is so fun because you get to go sledding. It is the time of year that my family goes sledding and it is the best time of year. But it is the time of year that the storms come and it cancelled my sled trip but my mom rescheduled it for tomorrow. I hope it won’t get cancelled tomorrow. The next day….I get to go on the trip. I am getting my breakfast ready my mom called it is time to get in the car. We are here! Time to go sledding! It is so fun! WEEEEEEEEEEE.

Why are kids are bringing Pokemon cards when Mrs.Vogt said not too? The staff understands that Pokemon cards are fun, but we can’t let them be a distraction. People can use Pokemon cards at home but they are bringing them to school.We can not allow this! How are other things fun and not a distraction to this school? Let’s talk about other distractions that are in this school,like what we do in Art. Pre-K to 6 grade did Square 1 Art. Lots of people keep talking about it. Another thing that it fun and not a distraction is Library books. Some kids make origami book to make crafts. They are very creative. In conclusion, there are other fun things that you can do other than Pokemon cards. By: Johnny Xiao Grade 4

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