Q and A of Miss. Manly By Hanna Uebele Grade 4 How long have you been a social worker? I have been licensed as a NY state school counselor since 2013. 2. Have you ever had your own classroom? No, but I push into classrooms to do guidance lessons. 3. How do you describe your job? Helping students overcome obstacles to be successful in school. These could be academic,social, or personal. I also teach how important school is to be successful later in life. 4. How do you feel about the kids behavior in our school? I feel that overall we have amazing kids at this school, many of which face unfavorable obstacles. 5. How do feel about mindfulness? Mindfulness is the key to really taking part in our daily lives. We learn how to be present, we learn how to just “be”. 6. Do you use mindfulness? I do! I am on a journey to incorporate mindfulness into every aspect of my day. It is a reminder to slow down and appreciate things you wouldn’t even consider before.


Stop Bullying by:Arriana Boyd I think we should stop bullying because this is hurting kids in many different ways. Kids come off the bus or out of a car crying because they have been bullied. There is more bullying found at schools. There are less friendships in schools than there could be. Talk to your kids and see if they have been bullied. Kids should not get bullied because of their hair or what they look like. I think the bullies should stop bullying and be kind. I think that schools should have harsher penalties for bullies. Kids should avoid bullies and be bully free!

What’s your word of the year? At H.E.S, a fourth grade teacher, Mrs.Olds, made an announcement. That announcement was about her word of the year. This means to choose what you want your year ahead to feel like. Some examples of a good word choice are courage, mindful, bravery and always say you can’t do it yet. My word is bravery. If you bump into Mrs.Olds, tell her thank you for coming up with this because it helps you set a goal. Think about what YOUR word this year will be…… BY:LOGAN DE CARLIS Grade 4

In the End. By Cedês Doherty

An excruciating pain racks her body exploding outward from her heart. Its sears her with a white hot fury. It is as if her memory was erased. She knows only the pain. She writhes clutching her chest trying to reach in and pull it out. She feels as though she’s dying as her body curls... Continue Reading →

Don’t Miss Out

By: Tyler Hailston Concert season is upon us and time is running out! There are different genres of music on display in Upstate New York all summer. Good vibes and positive energy is a huge part of the atmosphere at these summer concerts. It’s something most people should experience at some point in their life.... Continue Reading →

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