THE BEST TRIP By: Havonna W Once there was a boy and he was going on a trip to New York City. He told his mom, “I am so happy that were going to New York City in a few days .” “ His mom said the only reason why we are going in a... Continue Reading →


 Join Newspaper club By: Johnny.X Do you know what club you should join next year?  Third graders, the answer is the Newspaper Club! You don’t need a pencil or a pen because you will type on the computer! You can post articles on the school’s website. Also, Mrs.Olds is an amazing teacher. We also have... Continue Reading →

This poster is in the Herkimer Elementary School cafeteria. The 3 Rules by Marissia Y Rule number one-  you need to respect yourself.  Yes, it is nice to help people, but you need to respect yourself, too. Rule number two,  respect others if you want to have people like you and respect you . Rule... Continue Reading →

Hearing Aids By:Hanna U 4th Grade     Most people don't know know what hearing aids are? Hearing aids are something that help people who can't hear very well. I am now going to tell you about my hearing aids. I have had my hearing aids for a short amount of time. I got them in September... Continue Reading →

                        The Birthday Queen By: Arriana B Grade 4 There once was a girl named Bryn-  she loved to learn and play softball. One day, she was playing and she didn’t know when her birthday was. She went inside and she realized that her house had changed and her parents were not there. She looked in... Continue Reading →

P.A.R.P IS STARTING!!!!! By:Hanna U 4th grade P.A.R.P is a event that we do every year. The definition is “Pick A Reading Partner”.  It used to stand for “Parents As Reading Partner”. I really like reading. Miss Brown wants to win again this year. I think all the teachers want their kids to at least... Continue Reading →

Canned Food Drive At Herkimer Elementary By: Julia R.   At Herkimer Elementary there is a food drive It’s when we give food to the people that can’t afford it. And we do it every year! Last year we got more than 600 cans of food! And this year we hope we can get near... Continue Reading →

Poems By: Hanna U 4th grade   If you don’t speak up you will never be heard.   When the going gets tough pretend you are flying above the world and everyone sees your smiling face and you see theirs.   If you don’t believe in yourself you will never find the piece that was... Continue Reading →

Teachers are like birds singing -  birds are sweet and teachers are sweet too. Teachers can do anything because they are strong and brave. Teachers can do anything if they put their mind to it.      By HAVONNA W Grade 4

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