WINTER Winning at snowball fights Inside, warming up Night falls, can’t play Then day comes, now play Even though is cold, you still play Ride on your sled super fast By: Myila Randt


       I am Thankful for…..                                    I am thankful for my dogs Lucky and Piper, my family, my cat Georgia, guinea pig Hank, and my house. My personality and my athletic ability are traits I am thankful for. These are a few things that I am thankful for.   By: Lillian Hobart Grade 4 Herkimer Elementary... Continue Reading →

I am thankful for my mom, my dad, and my sister. My mom, because she gets me almost everything I have. My sister, because she bought me my phone. My dad too, because when my mom was gone, he got me the breakfast I wanted. By Madysen Ward Herkimer Elementary School Grade 4

Thankful by Katie Carney Herkimer Elementary School Grade 4 I am thankful for my beautiful dog, Ashton. She means the world to me. If I ever lost her, I would be so, so, so sad!! I am also thankful for my parents.  I love them so much! They are the best! I am also thankful... Continue Reading →

       I am thankful for my two dogs  and all of the things I learn in school.  Another thing that I am thankful for is my family and what they do for me, like bring me places. Such as Nevada, Philadelphia, South Carolina, and Florida.  I am thankful for when I wake up and go to... Continue Reading →

By: Maya Saugh T hankgiving H erkimer A njali N ice K atie F unny U seful L ily

I am thankful for my family, for being able to go to school, and for having money for good shoes and clothes. Clean water is also something I am thankful for. At sunrise and sunset I am thankful for the day we meet You are my pal, you are my mate When I’m with, you... Continue Reading →

Cambrin Kozma Herkimer Elementary Grade 4 I am thankful for my dogs because they are always protecting me . My dogs are well trained, they will listen to me if I ask them to sit or stay . They don’t jump on anyone. I love my dogs.

I am thankful for my Mom because she is the one that brought me into the world. I will never forget her because I love her till death.I am also thankful for my friends Mya,Aliva and Bella. They are my best friends. By: Madelynn Collis Herkimer Elementary Grade 4

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