I am Samantha Doremus and I am going to tell you about my horses. I have two draft horses, their names are Molly and Polly. They are patrons too but they are really big. We have had them for 4 years so far. They were my grandpa’s, he passed away a long time ago. I was little and my gram did not want the horses, so now they are mine. My horse is Molly and my mom’s horse is Polly. We ride them, but not a lot , because they are work horses. By Sammy.

VSCO girls By: Bella S, Amina Z., and Athena M. Have you heard of the world’s best style on social media called VSCO girls?They have a water bottle called hydro flask and they wear an oversized t-shirt. We have metal straws and we have Carmex. Vsco girls wear puka shell necklaces and its a trend on Tik Tok! They also wear Crocs, Birkenstocks, and Vans. They also say, “And I oop! Sksksksks’’ We love VSco girls.we are vsco girls. I would call all of us VSCO because we have Vans. Hydro flasks and we say, “Ana oop.” We all have scrunches. sksksksk! Become a vsco girl today by following these simple and easy steps! And “I oop, Bye”. – your fellow VSCO’s Amina, Athena, and Bella oop bye! Sksksksksksk!

Lia P     Ad You should buy a puppy or a dog   You should buy a dog because they are really cheap and will be your BFF. We have 11 puppies and 15 dogs, Abby, Roo, Tinkerbell, Dexter, Sir Wagsalot, Gidget, Tessie, Teddy, Munchkin, Skinker, Bella, Lucy, Daisy, Luna, Lola, Sadie, Molly, Bailey,... Continue Reading →

By Julian Z                                                      Bob Ross      Bob Ross is an American Artist he is famous for his quote “no mistakes, just happy accidents” or “happy little trees”.  He was born October 29, 1942 and sadly died July 4, 1995 because of lymphoma. Bob Ross was in the US air... Continue Reading →

Pandas Pandas are my favorite animal. They are NOT endangered. They can get to 3 feet tall! Pandas live in China. They are 220 lbs heavy. There are only 2 types of pandas, The Giant Panda and The Red Panda. Pandas were discovered on March 11th, 1869. Pandas are awesome animals. By: Joey B

Oreos Oreos are my favorite cookie. The cream inside is all different flavors and they are awesome. Oreos have been around for years. They were invented in 1912. They were created by Nabisco. They were first known as oreo biscuits, than in 1921 they changed it to oreo sandwich. Some people believe the cookie`s name... Continue Reading →

She flew through the sky with pride. Ever since a young age, she had a dream to fly with the birds, to ride with the wind, to go higher than the clouds, to rule the sky... and she did. She flew higher than the moon, she even sang with the birds. Her life was in... Continue Reading →

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