The Men and Women that fly above…. By Alex Y There are pilots who secure the airspace over the President and the whole nation. When the nations is in danger they are there, when Allies are falling, they are there. Those people are in the military branch called the Airforce.


   HERKIMER Spring Concert   The chorus group worked really hard throughout  the year. The concert will be hosted by Miss Bagnall. It will be on June 13 , 2018. The time is 6:30pm. The concert will take place at the Herkimer High School auditorium. The 3rd-6th grade chorus will be singing, acting,and dancing. Please bring... Continue Reading →

Spring Carnival By: Anna       The spring carnival was awesome and fantastic! Plus I was the one who won the Adventure Basket. I also won the cakewalk! It was the best part of the Carnival! There was a lot more games, too.  There was a frisbee game and there was a strong man stomp. It was... Continue Reading →

What Are You Doing during the Last Month at  HES?   By : Johnny.X What are you doing  the last month of school at HES? I have a lot of ideas. One idea is to get to know your classmate, teacher, or other people at this school. Another idea is to make a good impression... Continue Reading →

Dear Spring Break, By Alex Y Roses are growing Violets are blooming Winds will be howling And so will the wolves   We've been waiting for what felt like a year …. but now our wait is over Your finally here!

The Best Basketball Game EVER!! By:Hanna U 4th grade   The basketball game against elementary school and the high school. I hope that you went to the greatest basketball in the history of the earth! The Elementary school coach was Mrs.Jory. The High school coach was Mr. Downing. They were very competitive. The score was... Continue Reading →

Spring Is for Special P Is for Purpose R Is for Respect Is for Incredible N Is for Noble G Is for Giver by; Juila R

 Spring Carnival Saturday April 14th,  the Herkimer Elementary is hosting a spring carnival. It is 11am-2pm. Food The food will be popcorn, ice cream, soda, pizza, nachos, water, and more. Activities The activities that will be held are face painting, games, basket raffle, cake walk, prizes that come with the basket raffle, and more.  ... Continue Reading →

Spring Carnival by:Anna HI! Would you like to come to the spring carnival?  Its so fun! There is going to be food and carnival games,like the cake walk. Also,  there is going to be a raffles and face painting. It will be this Saturday April 14. I hope you will come!

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