Oreos Oreos are my favorite cookie. The cream inside is all different flavors and they are awesome. Oreos have been around for years. They were invented in 1912. They were created by Nabisco. They were first known as oreo biscuits, than in 1921 they changed it to oreo sandwich. Some people believe the cookie`s name... Continue Reading →


She flew through the sky with pride. Ever since a young age, she had a dream to fly with the birds, to ride with the wind, to go higher than the clouds, to rule the sky... and she did. She flew higher than the moon, she even sang with the birds. Her life was in... Continue Reading →

         Finland By Isabel Clements I LOVE Finland! Here are some facts about Finland! Finland residents drink more coffee than anyone in the world! Finland is famous for its glassware. Most people call Finland “Land Of The Thousand Lakes”.  Finland is home to 4.5 million people. Finland’s national color, bird,and animal are blue and white, whooper... Continue Reading →

Here are some facts about space. Space is silent and there is no wind in space. Nobody knows how many stars there are in the world. Neutron stars can spin 600 times in a second. A full NASA space suit costs 12,000,000. There may be a planet made out of diamonds. There is other things... Continue Reading →

           Easter Easter is a fun holiday! Sometimes you have  Easter egg hunts and get things from the Easter bunny. This year I got lots of candy. It was very fun when my cousins and I had our Easter egg hunt. I was the first one to be done! My cousin Mikey came in second place... Continue Reading →

   A day on the farm Looking at the flowers, Standing in the showers. Not hearing a peep, Following the sheep. Playing with the dog, Smelling the hog. Time for dinner! By: Caiden Vogt grade 4 HES

       Songs   Its relaxing. You listen and all you hear is music. You have a good feeling about dancing.You can feel the feeling in your body. You can express yourself in a good way.     By:Hannah McDavid Grade 4 Herkimer Elementary

Hope Wash my hands with very soft soap, Life is like walking a tightrope, Watching stars with my telescope. Jumping so high with my jump rope, See yourself growing like the stars, Hope is what we need in the world! By Katie Carney Herkimer Elementary 4th grade

Here are facts about my friend and I. My friend has a youtube channel. I hang out with my uncle, and we duel on yugioh. My friend and I play a game called btd battles. We also like to play on roblox. What do you like to do?     by:Dante

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